Candle Making with G+L

We LOVE doing candle making classes.  Our very first one with actually with a craft workshop store in Leesburg, VA.  It was amazing interacting with people and hearing their stories about why they choose the fragrances they choose.  We start off every class the exact same way and that is with positivity and intention.  We tell everyone to clear their minds and fill it with only thoughts of positivity and love.....Because there is power in creation.  And it true we are the same way when we make our candles in our production space.  GOOD VIBES ONLY!  My favorite part though is definitely watching people smell the different fragrances and seeing which one they choose.  The most common theme of why people select fragrances are associated with memory.  It reminds them of a happy time be it a holiday or time spent with their family or a seasonal day.  And that is a beautiful thing to me.  Maybe we will try and do some classes in our workspace.  What do you think?  Hope you all are having an amazing day and burning your fav fragrance 😊

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  • So Excited for the upcoming candle classes in the new workspace!!


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