You have to close chapters

Candle family....we literally started this business on our stove with a boiling pot of water we got from walmart and two pouring pitchers making candles.  It slowly started taking over our ENTIRE house.  It went from the kitchen to the dining room to the basement to the garage.  We felt very boxed in at times and sometimes guilty because we were taking space away from the twins to be....well twins.  We made what we felt was a big business decision at that point in time (if only all decisions now and days were "big" like this one) to get a storage unit.  The amount of excitement and pride we felt with our little storage unit was unmatched.  Freeing up a little space from our house to this unit was amazing.  The twins were so excited exploring the facility and the elevators the carts.....Literally everything.  Natalie and I were just excited to give them more space and even more excited to see the growth taking place for our brand.  When we first got into a new production space I kept the storage unit because I told myself we can still use it or we may need a little more space.  That was a lie though.  The trust was I wasn't ready to let go of that part of our story.  The memories and feelings we had with it.  I wasn't ready.  But this week we cleared out the space and moved out because realistically it just didn't make sense to keep paying for it when we were barely using it.  The picture for this post was us saying goodbye to that space.  It was bittersweet.  But that is life right?  You have to close chapters and sometimes start a brand new book.  It can be scary, intimidating....and a bunch of other emotions but in my humble opinion.....the most important thing it necessary.  To step into that future that you are creating for yourself both mentally and physically.  I hope that you take one thing away from me and my family is that you have a light inside of you that is meant to shine bright in this world and there will be times that the world tries to dim it but you come back stronger and brighter every time.

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