Fundraising Guidelines

Terms & Conditions

The below requests to fundraise are not acceptable within the Grace+Love Candle Co. program:

-Class or Family Reunions, Paying for elementary, secondary schoolor college tuition, Paying for medical bills, To the benefit of 1 person, Any type of pageants, Burial/Funeral expenses, Any Political organization, Adoption fees, Employee Holiday functions, To start up a new business, A mission trip for one person where there is no affiliated organization, Talent conventions, Social events within Homeowners Associations, Wedding expenses.

- As a general rule, groups should possess a non-profit status, orrepresent an organization or group that has a recognized not-for-profit status by the appropriate governing agency and make every effort to obtain documentation which supports this status. - In all cases, the organization acknowledges that all fundsraised will be used to promote the betterment of the local community or non-profit cause through direct educational, medical, cultural, or humanitarian means.  The organization further acknowledges that no funds will be used for the benefit of an individual or non-related expense.  Grace+Love Candle Co. Fundraisers are not available to private, for-profit groups, political organizations, or groups outside the continental United States. 

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